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Official homepage at work and CV

I live in Lystrup 10 km north from Aarhus, Denmark with my wife and 2 kids

I started at Computer Science in august 1993 as an Electronic Engineer. My first webpage at www.daimi.au.dk was made i 1995 DAIMI (Datalogisk Afdeling I Matematisk Institut) In 2009 it became CS (Computer Science) cs.au.dk The 1. januar 2010 my employment shiftet to Faculty of Science. My job is almost the samt "IT-support". In august 2011 my employment shiftet to AU IT. My job with AU IT is network administrator.

My hobby is FDF scout. I startede 8 year old and became leader in the age of 16. Now I am in the Lystrup-Elev group.
Elleparken 26
DK-8520 Lystrup

Phone +45 40 36 23 63

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